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Retaining Wall and Riprap Rock Wall Services

Retaining Walls

Your home’s value can be boosted by adding properly built retaining walls or by upgrading or replacing the current retaining walls on your property. The main elements to consider when building a retaining wall are materials and quality of installation. A properly installed wall will withstand the elements and last for decades. You may be wondering what are the different types of retaining walls? The three main types of retaining walls are concrete, and masonry or stone. The materials you choose will depend on the location of the wall, the aesthetic qualities you prefer, and how long you expect the wall to last.

A retaining wall is used to contain soil and hold it in place in areas where a slope is present. Retaining walls can be used to set off patio and entertainment areas or create paths in residential backyards. Building a retaining wall on your property is no small job, and you want the wall—whether made of concrete, or masonry—to last for as many years as possible.

Riprap Rock Wall

Riprap is commonly used to protect soil from erosion in areas of concentrated runoff. It consists of a layer of very large stones interlocked together and acts as a barrier on slopes that are unstable because of seepage problems or in areas that are receiving a large concentrated flow. Areas where it sometimes is used to stabilize slopes and prevent erosion include bridges, drainage structures, grade stabilization structures, storm drains, streambanks, and the sides and slopes of channels and culvert inlets and outlets.

Riprap rock not only protects against erosion but is easy to maintain, eco-friendly and lasts a long time. 

Retaining Wall Services


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